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    Hashtag Positivity is more than just an apparel company, more than just a brand, and more than just an idea. 

    Hashtag Positivity is a mission. It’s a mission to engage, empower, and encourage others to have a fascination for life, a passion for helping others, and a desire for making our world a better place for everyone.

    We place a special focus on helping young people because if we can positively impact their lives with support, resources, knowledge, and skills before adulthood then they’ll have a better chance of carrying this positivity into the rest of their lives for lifelong success.

    We work our mission with 2 main objectives:

    1. Distribute our #POSITIVITY branded apparel to communities for greater awareness of our vision and mission.
    2. Educate others about what it means to be positive and how they can apply that positivity to their everyday lives for maximum impact.

    To accomplish both objectives we focus on making our products available to schools for fundraising opportunities and offering our school assembly program as a valuable incentive. By taking advantage of #POSITIVITY products as part of a fundraising initiative, students gain the benefit of sharing a positive message with others while also receiving valuable life skills for whole-life transformation through our research-based school assembly program curriculum.

    Here's how it works:

    1. When you decide to take advantage of #POSITIVITY Fundraising we'll supply you with a unique Discount Code.
    2. You'll share this code with everyone who supports your cause and encourage them to show their support by using the code to buy #POSITIVITY products
    3. Everyone who uses the code will receive 10% off their order.
    4. Your organization will receive 90% of the net profits from every order that uses your unique code!

    This fundraising program helps us share our positive message with more people, while also helping important causes that support our communities. 

    If you’d like to raise money for your organization then take advantage of this program today! Contact Jonas and he'll get you set up right away. All you need to supply is who to write the checks out to and the best mailing address to send the checks to.

    Top 5 Reasons You Should Partner with Hashtag Positivity

    Hashtag Positivity has produced thousands of products helping to benefit young people and their communities just like yours. Our mission is to help emerging adults become engaged, empowered, and encouraged citizens of our world with a passion for living, helping others, and making our world a better place for everyone.
    Here’s the top 4 reasons why you should partner with us to invest in the success of your students and community:

    Reason #1

    We make fundraising easy by working with you to assist in the fundraising efforts by appealing to local businesses to show their support for your organization. It’s been our experience that local business owners are eager to invest in the lives of young people ensuring that the emerging generations have the support and resources they need to become active and compassionate citizens. 


    Reason #2

    We’re a small emerging company, not bogged down by corporate policies and procedures. Our mission is to help emerging adults become engaged, empowered, and encouraged citizens of our world with a passion for living, helping others, and making our world a better place for everyone. 

    When you do business with us your students become our primary focus, and you’ll know that you’re not only helping to directly impact your students and your community, but you’re also helping a small business not only stay in business, but to also thrive and give back to the communities we serve.


    Reason #3

    You keep 90% of the profits! How many fundraisers offer a deal like that?!


    Reason #4

    This fundraising initiative can be as passive or as active as you wish. Feel like you have no time to invest in this program? All it takes is sending an email with the name of your organization and what address to send the checks to. It's a 10 second investment that can lead to big returns!


    Reason #5

    While our apparel brand has only been around since 2015, our CEO and Chief Facilitator of Fascination Jonas Cain has been working with students since 1996. What started as a simple magic show in the early beginnings has morphed over the years into a transformative positivity magic experience! 

    Today, our signature #Positivity Magic Show provides emerging adults and motivated leaders with engagement, empowerment and encouragement through interactive comedy magic, a transformative research-based curriculum, and hands-on activities to help participants apply their newly gained knowledge and skills to their everyday lives for whole-life success!
    Learn more about the Hashtag Positivity Magic Show by clicking here.


    Get Started Now!

    Email Jonas at jonas@hashtagpositivity.com or give him a call at 800-969-9778 and get started now!