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    #POSITIVITY was born in a firehouse in 2015. Some of the firefighters were joking around saying “hashtag positivity” after every negative thing that they said—as if it was a magic eraser for negativity.


    One of those firefighters, Jason Dimitropolis, decided that they needed to make positivity louder, and he got to work making stickers, shirts, and hats bearing the trademarked Hashtag Positivity logo. This apparel would help show others that we support positivity.


    It wasn’t long before Hashtag Positivity began to support community groups and causes, including autism awareness, breast cancer awareness, LGBTQ, first responders, anti-bullying, and more—all with a unique design for every cause. Today we even sponsor a professional athlete, NFL center Cornelius Edison!


    To ensure our message of positivity lasts well into the future, we’ve created a research-based curriculum to help educate emerging leaders about the importance of living a positive lifestyle, including:

    • Having a passion for life

    • Being kind

    • Finding a path in life

    • Overcoming risks for anxiety, depression, and suicide

    • Adjusting to change

    • Working with people from different backgrounds


    Today we're thrilled to invest in the development of young people and those who influence them. It's truly what #POSITIVITY is all about!

    Of course, none of this would be possible without you, our supporters. Thank you for taking the time to follow along with what we’re up to and continuing to inspire our mission!


    In a world where everyone has a reason to be negative, complain, ridicule, and give up, let’s make positivity louder. Together, we can be a positive influence in the lives of those around us!


    Stay Positive —


    Jonas Cain / Owner, CEO, Chief Purveyor of Positivity