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    As an apparel brand, #POSITIVITY believes that positivity is a one-size-fits-all kind of idea, which is why we’re on a mission to engage, empower, and encourage the people in our communities to live positive lives.

    To support this mission we hold these two truths to be self-evident:

    1. You matter, so be kind to yourself.
    2. Other people matter, so be kind to others.

    When these truths are accepted they influence our thoughts, words, and actions, creating a ripple effect that leaves a lasting positive impact in our communities.

    Host A #POSITIVITY Magic Show At Your School or Community Organization!

    To support the development of our communities, #POSITIVITY has developed a unique live experience created specifically for students. This program communicates principles and practices for being kind to ourselves and others in a way that’s fun, engaging, and transformative.

    Not just a sit-down-and-take-notes assembly, our signature #POSITIVITY Day program is an interactive comedy magic experience that grabs everyone’s attention from the start. When students are engaged they become more open to the facilitation discussions and activities, ensuring that the message isn’t just heard, but actually received for lifelong transformation.

    The full program lasts 90-minutes, and can be customized to fit within other timeframes from 45, 60, and 75-minutes.

    Elements of the presentation include:

    • Interactive Magic
    • Engaging Group Discussions
    • Empowering Storytelling
    • Encouraging Group Activities

    The #POSITIVITY program can be customized to focus on issues specific to the direct needs of your students. Key takeaways include:

    • Choosing to be kind and helping others
    • Developing a growth mindset
    • Deciding on a life path
    • Managing risks for anxiety, depression, and suicide 

    Call Jonas today at 800-969-9778 or send an email to jonas@hashtagpositivity.com to discuss the challenges, goals, and obstacles your students face and reserve this program for your school!